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Renting an Office Space vs. Working from Home

Why Renting an Office Space Makes More Money than Working from Home

People often say not to mix business with leisure, and the statement is probably correct with, good reason. Having a home office is convenient and cost effective. However, approaching a business requires a different mind-set that sometimes a home office fails to deliver. Read on for more reasons why it may be better to rent an office than to work from home.

Increased Efficiency and Earnings

Let’s face reality for a moment, having a home office space is wonderful. You can wear whatever you like, get out of bed a few minutes before the ‘work hour’ begins, have home cooked food, and not worry about rush hour traffic. It is wonderful, a bit too wonderful. Being this comfortable is not for everyone, and sometimes can lead to reduced efficiency and productivity. Putting yourself in a correct working mood is also tougher at home, because the home is a place of rest and relaxation.  However, renting an office space takes away all the distractions and comforts of a home, allowing you to concentrate on the work that needs to get done for the day.

Cost Effective

Especially in Malaysia, a home office space is cheaper compared to considering an office for rent in KL, but referring to the previous point, it might lower your productivity, and in turn affect your earnings. Spending money to purchase an office space might be daunting at first thought; however, renting a work space is a very reasonable solution. Pay-as-you-use office rentals can be short term, and does not require much upfront as compared to purchasing a work space. There are also other cost effective benefits that come with renting an office like having access to the basic and additional facilities that cannot be found at home.


As there is a possibility for a business to quickly expand in a matter of months, having an office space gives you a professional appearance. Meeting potential clients in a conference room or meeting area is way better for your business image than hosting them in your living room or a nearby crowded cafe. Renting an office in a prominent business location is not only offers accessible public transport, also gives you a bit of credibility when it comes to first impressions.

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