Benefits of Working at a Q Sentral, KL Sentral Office

Benefits of Working at a Q Sentral, KL Sentral Office

Working at KL Sentral Office

Sometimes, although regrettably, we might spend an equal if not slightly more time away from home and in the office. It is something that we cannot escape from, but it does not have to be as dreadful as you might imagine it to be. An office can be a place of inspiration, productivity, and learning. This is why a Kuala Lumpur office is very important, here are some reasons why.


The heart of the city might be daunting to people who are looking for a KL office for rent. However, a KL Sentral office could be perfect. The KL Sentral is a Central Business District (CBD) that has many office buildings, the latest one being Q Sentral. As of this writing, Q Sentral is located a short 5-minute walk from KL Sentral, giving you many ways to access it from all over town and its surrounding areas.
If you decide that you don’t want to brave the traffic jam, you can opt to take the train services here that can connect you near to somewhere you live. Not only is it convenient, but its saves time. This allows you to return home for dinner, or to be at another appointment in a timely manner.


Although Q Sentral is the newest building on the block, it does offer loads of facilities that improve your work life balance. The serviced offices in the building offer essentially the most vital necessities for you to hold an efficient working day. Apart from the amazing view, there is a sky garden for you to take a breather, and a floating gymnasium for when you need an extra distraction.
Apart from all the public transport available to you, Nu Sentral, a fully equipped mall, is also a few minutes’ walk away, with local cuisines available outside of the mall to entice your taste buds. A mall might not be much to shout about, but when you’re in the office for many hours, a break in scenery can be the change to inspire your next project.
When looking for your next office space or serviced office in Malaysia, be sure to check out Q Sentral at KL Sentral. Even if you’re looking for a small work space, as we have a good size for someone who’s just about to begin working on their own. Our KL Sentral office is also a great step for those who are about to get out of a home office, contact us for more information!