3 Important Advantages of Working in a Serviced Office

The Benefits You Get out of a Serviced Office

Are you considering making use of a serviced office as venture to a new business? Venturing to a new business can be both exhilarating and intimidating. Just thinking about the cost, work, time needed and the services you want to provide alone can cause panic. When things begin to get serious, the thought of expansion or to get a bigger office space is additional headache you do not need. Which is why serviced offices are such a hit in the global market, here are some reasons and benefits you should consider about office rental.

Flexible Lease Agreements

Unlike purchasing an entire property in goals to fill it up in the near or far future, renting an office allows you to pay-as-you-go with short term agreements. A traditional office space might require you to sign a fixed term for 3 to 5 years. Renting a serviced office with a short lease is especially useful for testing markets before fully committing to a long term office space.

No Downtime

Time is important for a business, and downtime is its worst enemy. When purchasing an office space to call your own, the time of renovation, acquiring furnishing, and moving can take months! Moreover, you will likely have to pay for rent during this period. A serviced office saves a lot of time and would only take some elbow grease to move your documents and computers, while the rest is taken care of as most serviced offices are equipped with the necessities and furnishing to get to work right away.

Location, Location, Location

Looking for an office for rent in KL? Located at the heart of the business centre, KL Sentral, the offices you can rent from us are accessible via all public transport that leads to the city, including a direct train from KLIA. Food and other amenities like shopping malls and hotels for overseas business partners are also nearby.

From security, accessibility, to facilities such as meeting room availability, CT Service Office can provide you a comfortable work space to get your daily work done efficiently. Check out the rest of our website to find out available office space for rent and more about what we have to offer you for your business to grow.